my article in viveksudha megazine


my article in viveksudha megazine


education loan


a poor lady come to a self finace school `s director office to take lschool leaving certificate of her child

she can not bear the school fees she said respected sir i have no money to educate my son he has no father 

his father passed away and we are three people in my home i have to full their stomch first rather than brain

so please give me SLC 

   the director asked what will you do with your son ?

 i join him with me to do work in summer in a mill

do you really want your child`s bright future 

o yes sir but i have no enough space to see dreams because due to hunger our days are too long and nights are 

too small

  than it is EDUCATION LOAN to your son from me  he has to pay every month its primium in advance as regulariti in school

as regularity in class work and home work

   he can return loan when he will stand on his own feet